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Copyright and Intellectual Property

This Library guide will help staff and students at TAFE NSW Riverina find information and resources on copyright and intellectual property

Welcome to the Copyright LibGuide

Use this guide to connect with copyright information and to consider current issues in copyright

Copyright license choice

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About Copyright

Copyright law protects the work of authors or creators.  You can only reproduce someone else's work with their permission.

The way an idea is expressed or shared as a work is covered by copyright. What is a work? Examples include a book, magazine article, photo, interview, television program, blog post, computer software, cartoon, letter, tweet, music or dvd.

In your assignments and presentations this means you

  • must cite and reference all works you used to find your information


  • may not have permission from the author or creator to copy and include parts of their work in your own work.


This 1 minute YouTube video explains that copyright and plagiarism are two different things.

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Want to know more about Copyright? Go to the source!

Find out what provisions allow students to copy and use resources without breaching copyright laws

How is copyright keeping up with technology?

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