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Information skills - Research help: Welcome

This Library guide will help staff and students at TAFE NSW Riverina to work their way through the research process

Libraries are here to help

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All about information

How do you go about finding the information you need? How do you know it is accurate or correct?


There are a number of aspects that you can look at when you are evaluating an information source:


  • Reliability - can it be supported by other sources?


  • Authority – who are the author/s of the work and what is their background?


  • Objectivity – who is the intended audience and are there any obvious bias shown by the author/s? 


  • Currency – in the case of the internet, when was the page last updated? Is it the most recent information available on your topic?

Types of information

Types of information

Information can be obtained from a variety of sources. Each type has advantages and disadvantages. You need to assess them against the above aspects to ensure you have the right information you need.

Other Useful LibGuides

Welcome to Information Skills

Welcome to the Information Skills - Research help LibGuide.

Library staff can help you to improve your information skills, helping you to find the information you need more effectively. Use this guide to get started with researching.


Check out what other educational institutions are doing with information literacy -  see below for a reworking of Coldplay's song "Viva La Vida" with new lyrics by Dr. James F. McGrath of Butler University, focusing on information literacy and research


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